Street Dance (6-11)

Weekly Class: East Finchley, Saturday: 9:15 - 10am.

This street dance class is a fun and high energy new class that will be opening in the summer term of Fixation for our 7-11 year olds who have a passion for dance.

This will be a weekly class and will focus on exploring expression and creativity through different street dance styles from break dance to choreography to popping and locking and more.

This Street dance class is a perfect way to explore your passion for dance and unlock the inner street dancer in you whilst having lots of fun, building confidence and making new friends.

Our Street Dancers class will focus on developing the following skills:

  • Building Confidence
  • Developing further in street dance and different street dance techniques
  • Learning the art of dance and expression
  • Encouraging exercise and activity
  • Growing in mobility, flexibility and stamina
  • Developing musicality and movement
  • Retaining and creating choreography
  • Performance skills

Street Dance will work towards sharing’s of work to family and friends, as well as yearly Fixation company productions and other community events throughout the year such as festivals and more!

**Young people do not have to take part in performances is they wish not to**

Contact the team now to book a space and receive a free taster session in this class!

 East Finchley, Saturday: 9:15am - 10am.